Tuesday, 1 December 2009

The best laid plans of mice and men.....

I'd booked a day's holiday, carefully planning the schedule by consulting maps, tide tables, seaweed and tarot cards, to catch the rising tide at Foreness, high tide at Fayreness and the falling tide at Pegwell.
But somehow I missed them all.
Surprisingly there were few birds at either of the usual roosts, with just a handful of purple sandpipers and ringed plovers at Foreness.

But not all was lost, as a large flock of sanderlings, turnstones and purple sandpipers at Cliftonville provided entertainment by flying to the sea's edge, checking that all was clear,
then running back to the strand-line which is clearly where the best food was.

A redshank took things much easier.
A rainbow gave a clue to what was going to happen next, and the resulting squall was cold and wet.
Two snow buntings flew overhead and landed at the edge of the cliff. Sanderlings and snowies - lovely!
By the time I got to Pegwell, the tide was far out, but it was rewarding to watch hundreds of golden plovers fall out of the sky onto the mud.
Vegetation seems advanced for the time of year, with early violets flowering the the garden, and alexanders sprouting up on the roadsides. The latter made a good starter for dinner.


Adam said...

Sanderling and snowies - what a nice mix! Thanks for comments on my blog - hope Kaddie's not reading this, but she's not all that close-up if that's any consilation!


Kingsdowner said...

Adam, if I was close up to Kaddy I'd have my eyes shut!
No, sorry, she's lovely!

Mary said...

Lovely! I like the wings over the water....such pretty color they have. Also the buntings and the rainbow shots!