Sunday, 17 October 2010

Geese flying north for the winter

A crystal clear morning with a gentle north-easterly breeze gave good views of the French coast (and its industry). It soon became apparent that Brent Geese were on the move, with large formations flying in from France and continuing south-west, and smaller numbers flying low north along the coast towards Pegwell Bay. They come in from the Russian north via Wadden See (off the Denmark and Dutch coasts) and will be a familiar sight around the Kent coast until spring.

Still the flocks of Goldfinches and Siskins fly north, with straggling swallows and house martins hawking the last insects.
A few Skylarks chortled overhead and a party of three Yellowhammers were in the bushes but there was no sign of yesterday's Great Grey Shrike, even though I checked the usual places.

Toadflax remains in flower, small shining yellow stars in the green/brown landscape.


Greenie said...

Steve ,
I thought you would be too busy tending your land to go looking for Great Grey Shrikes .
The stars in the green/brown landscape are very few now .
I'm sure I get Garlic looking at that first shot .

Kingsdowner said...

I'll try to achieve a good work/life/birding/shovelling pigpoo balance.

When the wind's in the north-east we get sulphurous fumes and nuclear radiation from all the heavy industry on the French & Belgian coasts.

Warren Baker said...

Still got some yellow stars in my garden Steve.

I like that lanscape photo, it's like a painting :-)

ascu75 aka Don said...

I love the idea of a work/life/birding/shovelling pigpoo balance.
I am still smiling . I must try and have a ride out but I cant see it happening till the weekend.