Saturday, 23 October 2010

Raven for Black Saturday

Some of the bloggers across the pond contribute to groups such as "Yellow Monday" or "Ruby Tuesday" which provide themes to collate some beautiful photographs. I don't recall seeing a Black theme, so here's one, a Raven perched on the cliff in the gloom of this morning.
I heard the telltale "Claark" from above and there it was. Eagle-eyesight, me - I can spot a large black bird against a white background at a distance of, oh, 30 yards.
Having attracted my attention, it proceeded to preen itself. Don't you just hate that? How are you going to get a good shot when the bird looks like a trussed chicken?

This bird has that ruff of feathers around its neck, which makes me think it's an adult bird (like the mane of a lion or the mantle of a bison) - perhaps one of the ones that bred along the cliffs these last two years.

The day's weather wasn't as bad as forecast, with bright sunshine interrupted by the occasional shower, and a rainbow that was fired from the gilded bow of an impressive weathervane.
It was black over France too - or is that just the smoke from burning cars?


Warren Baker said...

I dont care how I see a Raven or what pose its in, i'll take it anyway for a patch tick!

very clever with the weather vane :-)

NW Nature Nut said...

That last photo is awesome!