Tuesday, 16 November 2010

Smoke on the Water

There was a strange phenomenon at Dover harbour this morning - small mists of water vapour blown lightly by zephyrs of cold air across the warmer water. So that's how clouds are made.

The air was still and cold inland, leaving a beautiful hoar frost.

After a tough morning's work fighting spreadsheets, the sunshine tempted me to Folkestone, where the clarity of light was stunning. Why isn't the summer this bright and colourful, with aquamarine sea and skies when we can lie and enjoy them?

Not a ripple from Calais to Dungeness, but in the middle of the bay, miles out, was a raft of Scoter - I counted 61, with at least one Velvet Scoter among them (13th from the right, or maybe it's an Eider?). You have to work hard for year-ticks around here.  


Adam said...

Fantastic pics!


Greenie said...

Steve ,
When I saw the title , I thought you were back on the wackey baccy again .
Some relly nice shote there .

Warren Baker said...

I too much prefer the clear days of a winters cold air than the muggy polluted haze of summer.

that Velvet scoter is about as visable as my 'peregrine on the tower' :-)

Kingsdowner said...

Thanks Adam. I suppose you've never seen the sea, living where you do?

Fred, surely you're the one with the addled brain? Shote - past tense of shite?

Warren, I only know there are scoter because Folkestone Birding tells us so (must have a good 'scope).