Saturday, 20 November 2010

Suddenly Seymour

My approach to birding is

  • "the faster and further, the more I'll see".
  • "I like to travel light" and
  • "don't fence me in".

This principle has long been used to put off buying a telescope, which would be cumbersome and heavy, and would get in the way of my fast and loose approach.

The downside of this is that, when a scope would be useful, I have to interrupt the peace of a nearby scope-equipped birder, to cadge a squint. Standing on the ramp at Grove Ferry trying to see a very distant Phalarope was an example. Fortunately a bright, sunny person next to me was kind enough to offer.

So the bullet had to be bitten, and today was the first opportunity to use my new purchase. I slung the thing over my shoulder and suddenly I was a new man - like carrying a rifle (or a 500mm lens) I suddenly looked the part. This macho image will no doubt be shattered the first time the scope falls over at a twitch.......

First to the rifle range, where a movement of divers was immediately evident - GNDs and BTDs by the look of it. (I can use acronyms now I'm a real birder - probably wrongly though).

Then up to Oare, where the close-ups brought out the colours of Teal, Lapwings and Golden Plover, even on such a grey day. A whole new world is opened up. Even the mythical "peregrine on a pylon" became visible - doubly so, in fact.

If anyone sees me and needs to borrow a scope, please ask, because I owe a debt to society.

PS if you don't get the title, you've missed a great movie.

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Stewart said...

Great film Steve, I'm a big Audrey fan.... :) Leave the scope at home and just use your bins. You know you want to....