Thursday, 25 November 2010

Swampy and Stump - y

In the cold midday air I took a walk, choosing a sheltered wood to keep the wind off. In this I was only partly successful. It was these woods (Lyminge Forest in fact) that Swampy and friends occupied in 1997, when developers planned to turn it into a holiday park.
There is an interesting account of the camps here.
A stump in an area of Sweet Chestnuts showed evidence of a more recent occupation - presumably a squirrel that likes to have a panoramic view when eating.

Last night, Stumpy the Turnstone got his five minutes of fame when he/she was featured on Autumnwatch. I've seen the bird over the last five winters on Deal pier, and now a BBC cameraman has photographed him/her and some of the other Turnstones that scrounge for titbits from the anglers.

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Warren Baker said...

Good old stumpy and swampy :-)