Sunday, 5 December 2010

Mallard v. Teal

The snow has gone from the coastal region, so I headed inland to find more, and a drop in temperature - fool! At Stodmarsh, the berries of Guelder Rose shone red in the half-light, another name - Water Elder - seeming more appropriate in the flooded land.

A flock of about 60 Siskins twittered from alder to alder, and among them another call rang clear - it sounded like "pushmi-pullu". Can anyone help with an identification?

The lake was half frozen, and hundreds of Mallard and Teal lined the edge of the ice like supporters on two touchlines.

At Seaton, there were large numbers of Gadwall (50+) and more Teal (probably 200+). In smaller numbers were Widgeon, Shoveller, Pochard and Tufted Duck - is it my imagination or are there fewer Tufties around this year?

Pride of place went to a splendid male Goosander with two attendant Redheads.


Warren Baker said...

Cant help with the call steve, it's always difficult to write a call down, need to hear it really :-)

Greenie said...

Steve ,
I thought this was another football post .
Re. the call , have you asked Dr.Doolittle ? I think that was his name .

Kingsdowner said...

I knew I'd get no help with the call - it was a clear, fluting call of four notes, which reminded me of "pushmi-pullu".
Where are the experts when you need them?

Mary said...

I can't imagine huge numbers of ducks like that but we do have the snow geese right now.