Thursday, 2 December 2010

What we did on our holiday

At last, after much threatening, it snowed with a vengeance. Who it was avenging, was not clear.
For record, the snow was about 5" deep - more fell but was blown into west Kent.

It's not worth pretending to 'work from home' because the heart's not in it, so it was a day's holiday - and if you're on holiday you should enjoy it - right?

Birds were scarce in the garden, with a couple of blackbirds, a blue tit, a few pigeons and a robin. Then a blackcap arrived, looking evil and chasing off whatever came near, just like the aggressive individual that stayed for much of last winter.
Come and get some if you're hard enough.

A black-headed gull settled down on the makeshift bird table.

A walk of the circuit also found few birds, just a score of blackbirds and thrushes raiding the hawthorn bushes, a similar number of skylarks gleaning from a bare field that were spooked by a sparrowhawk, and a snipe that flew down the lane in front of us.
Why grow up?


Greenie said...

Steve ,
Snap with the Blackcap . Ours doesn't come to the feeders , just interested in the Callicarpa berries .
Glad someone is enjoying the snow .

Kingsdowner said...

And I only fell over intentionally. Unfortunately I'm now back at work looking out at a gloriously sunny (if -5 degrees) day.

Try apples or (especially) pears to attract the Blackcaps.

Girl On The Run said...

I see what you mean about the black cap - he certainly scared me!

Serena said...

I'm suprised you didn't have many birds around, my garden was full of visitors to my feeders, especially the ground clearance squad.

That is one seriously scary blackcap though, maybe he shooed them all off!

Mary said...

Why grow up indeed :-) Love the birds.