Sunday, 14 September 2008

Mostly raptors

After yesterday's good birding along the cliffs, a change in the wind meant that there was little to be seen apart from more Siskins flocking north, a Peregrine across the cliff and three Sparrowhawks flying out to sea.
Things were so quiet that we spent time checking that this was indeed a Herring Gull, as it had very little black on its wing-tips.

We walked inland a little and things quickly picked up, with a Hobby hunting over the harvested cornfieldand at least two Whinchats flitting among the bales. Even in search of a better photo, SteveR used his stalking skills, with success.
Back home, a pile of pigeon feathers showed that a raptor had been there - all shafts had been neatly cut.

Later, we called in at Fowlmead, mainly to check the fungi , but a distant raptor caught our eye and as it came nearer it became clear that it was a Honey Buzzard. Its approach stalled over the village of Worth which has some tall trees, and it circled over these for 40 minutes, occasionally flying lower, occasionally very high, then eventually flew towards the sea putting up flocks of birds as it went. It was last seen over Sandwich.
A lovely weekend


Greenie said...

Steve ,
Sounds like a good day to me , especially with the Honey Buzzard .
Great shot of the Hobby . Just one question , why did the farmer put the scarecrow behind the bale ?

Warren Baker said...

Nice one with the Honey Buzzard steve. I've been out all afternoon looking, but no luck!

Kingsdowner said...

Greenie, please meet the Kingsdown Sherpa, who carries a telescope, long lens and field guide, thus saving me the trouble.
He also spots birds, patiently stays in one place while I visit others, and takes good pictures (also saving me the trouble).
He is available for a nominal fee.
In his spare time, he posts on Flickr:

Mary said...

Great shots! Love the little bird on the hay.